Contribute to Minnesota Reflections

187 organizations from across the state of Minnesota have joined in the creation of Minnesota Reflections. Organizations review their collections of historical photographs, negatives, artwork, handwritten documents, maps, and other materials to see which is of the most value to them, their public, and people across the state and beyond. They also determine if they have time and personnel, either staff or volunteers, to complete a digitization project.

How Contributing Works

If the answer is yes, organizations shape a project selected from their available materials and submit an application to have their projects included in Minnesota Reflections. The Minnesota Digital Library pays for the cost of having professionals scan the original objects according to well-established and very high standards. Copies of these digital master files are given to the contributing organization.

Once a project is scanned, the organization completes a spreadsheet to describe the items digitized so that they are findable online. The time it takes to compile and complete this information is the organizations' in-kind contribution to Minnesota Reflections. Once this metadata is finished, the project is added to the Minnesota Reflections database and is available through the website.

Thank You!

We are grateful to all of the contributors to Minnesota Reflections, past, present, and future. By working with the Minnesota Digital Library and sharing their unique cultural resources with Minnesota Reflections, and through that collection with the larger world, these organizations are helping to tell the rich history of our state in an accessible way.