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Weavers Guild of Minnesota

The Weavers Guild of Minnesota (WGM), was founded in 1940 to foster and promote fiber arts with emphasis on weaving, spinning, and dyeing. Among its activities, it provides educational resources to lifelong learners, researchers, textile historians, and historians in the fields of arts and crafts and American handweaving. WGM maintains the country's largest library of weaving-related materials, searchable online. The Guild's collection of letters, cards, photographs, swatches, and material dating from 1940 to 1967 from its first president, Hilma Berglund (1886-1972), relates to the founding of the Twin Cities Weavers Guild (the original name of WGM), the guild-sponsored Weaving Institutes held at the University of Minnesota 1940-45, Berglund's weaving designs and loom inventions, and her professional life as it influenced and enriched the arts and crafts in Minnesota.

Contact Information

Weavers Guild of Minnesota
3000 University Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
United States

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